Stunning Senior Session

Please pinch me, I must be dreaming...! I had the pleasure of photographing the sweetest (and ever so stunning) senior girl (Kylee) AND her magnificent horse (Oscar) recently! The barnyard grounds were BEAUTIFUL too.

The weather forecast indicated there was a chance of rain, and while driving over to the barn, sure enough a large patch of dark clouds suddenly appeared out of nowhere (literally after a full day of ZERO clouds whatsoever). I love how mother nature likes to mess with me on shoot days. Shortly after we started the session, the clouds started to dissipate, and eventually gave way to that dreamy golden hour sunlight.

Kylee isn't big on being in the spotlight, yet she still did amazing in front of the camera! She'll be heading off to college soon to explore her options and do amazing things in life. Kylee, thank you so much for letting me capture (and share!) this important milestone. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Enjoy the heck out of university life. It is the BEST ever!! <3

Oscar, thank you for not charging at me after stomping on the ground and staring straight into my eyes. You had me shaking in my boots there for a minute. Thankfully, you were just telling Kylee you'd rather be grazing than posing. (Phew!)