How it all started (and returned)...

I first fell in love with photography when I was a teenager. I was editor-in-chief of my high school’s yearbook and I carried my camera everywhere. My amazing parents even generously set up a dark room in our house so I could develop my own prints.  I ended up entering one of my self-developed prints in an art / photo contest at the Vienna community center and received an honorable mention. 

Then, I guess you can say, life happened… I went to VT (go Hokies!), graduated with a bachelor’s of science degree in psychology & sociology, started my career in survey research, had my beautiful daughter, and then completed my family (married the love of my life, and had my sweet boy). Throughout those years, I dibbled and dabbled with our digital camera, and loved it when I would get lucky with correctly exposed images. While I still had an eye for composition, I had forgotten much of what I had learned about photography. I found myself often turning to my techie husband for advice on the best f-stop or shutter speed for a particular shot.

I didn’t want to always have to ask the hubby for advice, so I decided to take the time necessary to re-learn photography. I spent all my spare time reading photography books, taking online courses, playing with my camera’s settings and functions, shooting, and editing. 

And now I'm obsessed. I can honestly say that I've fallen in love with photography all over again. 

While I love growing my collection of photos of my children, there’s something so special about doing it for others. The feeling I get when I hear a client's excited reaction about their images is like nothing else. Knowing that I’ve provided them with photos that they love and will TREASURE makes me OVER THE MOON EXCITED. And, more than anything, it WARMS MY HEART!

Other Random Tidbits About Me:

  • Animal lover and rescuer
  • Ping pong player extraordinaire (I have been known to carry a ping pong paddle in my purse on the off chance I end up somewhere that has a table!)
  • A tad competitive when it comes to, well, anything really (sometimes I feel bad crushing my family at 'Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza')
  • Prefer coffee over tea, but both are nice
  • Favorite shows: Ozark, Yellowstone
  • Dinner time at our house is ALWAYS chaotic. We usually make 3-4 different meals to suit the various diets / allergies.
  • Ideal weekend (shooting & editing aside) consists of long walks or bike rides with the family
  • Favorite holiday: Christmas!