From Camping to... Photo Shoot Ready!

I want to nail every single photo session. It's true. However, this one... I really, REALLY wanted to nail!

You see... I photographed this sweet family in the fall of 2021. In the fall of 2022, they reached out for photos again, but my weekend slots were already taken (and given their schedules, weekdays couldn't work out for them). So, they decided to wait and do a Spring 2023 session. And, after all that waiting, the session we initially planned for the spring, had to get rescheduled due to rain. (Wah wah wah)

This family needed (no, DESERVED) amazing family portraits.

I was a little stressed though... The momma (gorgeous Brooke) requested a location that had wooden fences, architectural elements, and flowers. The park we initially planned wasn't going to work for that.

So, I scouted and scouted and scouted.

I finally found a place that I thought would be as close to perfect as we could get. Now, all I had to do was cross my fingers and hope that the place wouldn't be packed during our shoot (over MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND).

Low and behold... by some miracle, I pulled into the parking lot just prior to our session time, and it was EMPTY. A wave of relief rain over me... we had this gorgeous location basically all to ourselves on a holiday weekend. That just doesn't happen. But it happened to this amazing family, and we embraced it! We had such a blast!!

Also... just a quick aside... one would never guess that this gorgeous family had been out camping before the shoot! (OK, maybe momma booked hair and makeup before the shoot, but still... credit where credit is due!) And after the shoot... it was time for them to head back and make s'mores as a reward for a job very, VERY well done!