Mother's Day Gift

I was so touched when Keli (a dear old friend of mine) reached out to me in April and said that her husband had been asking her for gift ideas for Mother’s day. Turns out, Keli wanted a family photoshoot with me!! I was elated, and oh so flattered! It had been YEARS since I’d seen Keli and her wonderful husband Mike, so I was THRILLED that I was going to see them again and meet their ADORABLE KIDDOS! (Keli often posts photos of her kids, and every time I think, ‘OMG could they be any more adorable?!’) 

When I saw Keli's family walking up to our meeting spot at Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria, I just about died. Everyone had on beautiful outfits that complimented one another incredibly well!!  And not only was Keli's family dressed to kill, but the kiddos had been prepped too! Sunset sessions can be hard on young children (truly), but Graham and Anna were AMAZING.  I went into the session thinking Graham would be too young to listen to my direction. Boy was I wrong about that!

Graham has a killer arm on him too… I gave him what I thought was going to be an innocent little fist bump for doing such a great job, and he KNOCKED ME OVER with his superpower! (Over, and over, and over again.) I’m a little sore today from being knocked down so much, but the giggles he gave me were SO WORTH IT! While I cherished every moment of the session, my favorite was when Graham looked up at his mom and dad and said, “I’m so happy!” Graham, buddy... that one little statement made my whole year!!  

Here (below) are some of the sweet moments captured during our session together. Keli - thank you so much for choosing a photoshoot for your Mother's day gift! I hope these make you smile!!