The Forecast Called for Clouds!

Because I had scouted the location ahead of time, I had worked out where I would place my clients (a beautiful family of four, soon to be family of five) for their first set of photos. However, when I arrived, I saw that if I wanted to stick to the game plan (and place them in front of a door of a historic church), the VERY BRIGHT sun would be shining into my lens. Slight panic set in. Then I discovered that my lens hood was missing. (How could that be, I was so careful to pack everything...!) More panic. Then I realized that my step stool wasn't going to be nearly tall enough! Oh goodness, this was not how I wanted to start things back up after my winter hiatus. I only had a couple minutes to figure something out. All of a sudden, it dawned on me... off to the side of the church were several picnic tables! Thankfully, they were moveable, so I pulled one about 30 (? no clue really) feet in front of the church. I dragged it to the perfect position, so that if I stood on it, a nearby tree trunk would help to diffuse the harsh sun. I also realized that my 70-200 zoom was in the car. (I normally don't bring such a lens to family sessions, but thankfully, this time I did!) It had its lens hood, and it allowed me to shoot from so far away. Phew. Crises averted.

Now, to the fun stuff. It was time to meet (and to love and serve) my clients...!

From the minute they stepped out of their car, I knew. I knew they were EASY GOING and were going to be super FUN to photograph. I also knew their love for each other would shine through to their images. They were SO SWEET, they had the best / most RELAXED attitudes, and they were dressed to KILL. The icing on the cake... Noelle and Elijah were ABSOLUTE ANGELS! (I told Noelle that she was doing great during the session, and I thanked her for smiling so much because I knew her cheeks must be starting to hurt. She responded, "Oh, my cheeks never hurt!" So adorable! <3)

Stephanie, Martin, Noelle, and Elijah, thank you for giving me the privilege of photographing your beautiful family, and this very special time in your lives! I hope you love your images as much as I do!! And, best wishes to momma for a smooth labor & delivery, and a happy & healthy baby #3!

PS - Stephanie, turns out the tree pics WERE a nice bonus!! :-)